Here’s a quick and basic demo video for bird dogs.

Why do bird dogs? If you’re generally healthy and pain-free, these are another excellent exercise to get better at stabilizing your pelvis and spine while your limbs are moving. It’s about getting your brain to talk to your muscles, and for your muscles to engage correctly. These are a great addition to most core strengthening programs.

1. GO SLOWLY. This exercise is almost pointless if you try to rush through it. It’s about stability, NOT about speed. You might not “feel the burn” with this exercise, and that’s okay.

2. BRACE YOUR CORE as if someone is about you punch you in the stomach. This keeps your pelvis and spine in the right position, which is the whole point of this exercise.

3. Don’t arch your back. Or rather, find your natural spinal position and maintain that throughout the exercise.

4. Keep your hips steady. Try to minimize rocking side to side.

5. Reach BACK with your heel. This helps you engage the glutes WITHOUT engaging the lower back.

If these feel awkward, please have a coach check out your form! If bird dogs hurt you should probably see a physical therapist to determine if they’re appropriate for you.

These are four necessary cues to start getting your bird dogs on track. Do you want to see more about these, or any other exercises? Send me a message at

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