One of the Most Overlooked Aspects of Corporate Wellness

Corporate Wellnes

What’s one overlooked aspect of Corporate Wellness?

Connecting businesses with reputable wellness companies in their area.

Coach Brenna from Kicked Up Fitness made a special appearance as a guest coach at South Moon Under Headquarters in Annapolis. Kicked Up Fitness is only a few minutes from SMU, so it’s a convenient place for employees to work out before or after work. I have the pleasure of helping to coordinate SMU’s corporate wellness program and was thrilled to have Brenna come in to coach a combo boxing and boot camp class. She led them through a thorough warm-up, basic footwork, and technique without mitts, basic technique WITH mitts (and no-one got a black eye), and a great cool-down stretch.

On-site classes are a fantastic perk, and the goal is to encourage people to invest more in their health. What happens when your team catches the workout bug and wants to work out on the other days of the week as well? That’s where some programs fall short. By connecting employees with resources in their area, AND providing ongoing education and digital workout programs to follow, we make it easy for your people to get the most out of your corporate wellness program.

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