Strong Woman

What is Strong Woman?

Strong Woman is a strength sport that features events with odd implements, like Atlas stones, farmer’s carry, frame deadlift, log clean and press, and sandbag throw. Competitions are held at the local level, the national level, and the global level. It’s a sport that celebrates strength, adaptability, and community.

We believe that being a Strong Woman is about more than just physical strength: it’s about the strength of your spirit. Our group typically participates in two to three competitions per year, and members are welcome to choose how often they’d like to compete, if at all.

This program is great for women who:

You will receive:

Sessions are held at Fivex3 Training, 4015 Foster Ave, Baltimore, MD.

Drop In Session, Sunday mornings @ 9:00am

$0-20 per session, sliding scale

A group warm-up, workout, and technique instruction will be provided for you.

Add-on Fitness Programming

$79.50 every two weeks (about $159.00/month)

Fully customized warm-up and workout via the Trainerize app to use during the group sessions and on your own during the week.