Strong Woman Sunday 7/14/19

Power Stairs Practice

It was the team’s introduction to the power stairs event.

This Sunday, we had a great Strong Women team workout (strict press, squat, and vertical or horizontal pulls) followed by our introduction to the power stairs! For our September competition, each competitor has 60 seconds to load the weight onto the 14” platform, show control by taking their hands off, and lower the weight back to the ground as many times as they can. The technique is super important for this one, and it’s essential to have consistent setup and execution to be most efficient.


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First are some shots from the workout:

Lee-Ann squats 95lbs with ease. Jenna and Melissa do synchronized squats with 175 and 190lbs. Amanda squats 140lbs with excellent form. Jenna does pull-ups with an additional 15lbs. Andrea does pull-ups with the black band. Breanne does bent over rows with 85lbs.

Then comes the power stairs fun!

Andrea and Jenna both load 150lbs onto the platform!

Amanda and Breanne both load 185lbs!

Melissa and Lee-Ann both load 200lbs!

We’re nine weeks from the September competition. At our next session, we’ll go over rules and technique for the circus dumbbell clean and press.

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