Strong Woman Sunday 7/21/19

Circus Dumbbell Sunday

It was a hot weekend in Baltimore for some Circus Dumbbell practice.

This Sunday, we did a deload workout (a workout of purposeful lower intensity designed to allow the body room to heal and adapt) followed by a session with the Circus Dumbbell. For our September competition, each competitor has 60 seconds to do as many clean and presses as possible at a specific weight. This is a challenging event for most people because it’s bigger and more awkward than a regular dumbbell, plus it gets really taxing to the cardiovascular system because of the cleaning and pressing with each rep. 

Here are some shots from the technique session:


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Tia presses 35lbs! This was her first session with us.

Carly presses 35lbs! This is only her 5th session with the team, and she’s getting stronger quickly!

Jenna does the 50lbs circus dumbbell for the first time!! This is a big personal record (PR) for her!

Lisa does 50lbs for the first time as well!!

Dena presses 50lbs! This was her first time doing this and her first session with us. She signed up for the September competition when she got home.

Amanda presses a solid 55lbs.

Jess presses a new personal best at 60lbs!!

Melissa does an incredible 70lbs on the right arm AND the left arm!

For those who struggle to get to their competition weight with the circus dumbbell in this event, we practice overhead holds. I help them press the circus dumbbell, and they hold it overhead by themselves. This helps them start to overcome the fear that comes along with lifting heavy weights and also helps their body get used to holding that weight.

In those videos, you’ll see Amanda practicing the dip and hold with 60lbs, Carly getting acquainted with 50lbs, and Andrea learning how to stay stable while holding the 50lbs.

We’re now eight weeks from the September competition.

Our competition team has grown to 9 competitors! We’re getting ready to go into a power development phase next, and will continue to work on technique for all events.

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