Now we’re 9 weeks from the May Flowers of Power competition, happening May 11th.

(at Forze Gym organized by SDS Strong Woman)

We had a great group strength training session, followed by axle clean and press technique work. This is an advanced exercise and takes repetition and concentration to master. Mastery means you’re more efficient and safe, and safety is the most important thing here. So we kept the weights light and did more repetitions. Here’s what you’re seeing in the videos:

Elsa does hang clean high-pulls with 50lbs. We call them “tippy-toe chicken wings” because why not??

Jenna also does 50lbs for hang clean high-pulls.

Lisa works with 30lbs on hang clean high-pulls and then hang cleans.

Amanda works on hang cleans with 50lbs.

Elsa hang cleaning 50lbs.

Remember, the axle bar is thicker than an Olympic barbell (which is the standard barbell you see in most gyms.) The axle bar is about 2 inches in diameter, and the Olympic barbell is about 1 inch in diameter. The axle bar usually weighs around 20lbs, and an Olympic barbell weighs around 45lbs. While the axle bar is lighter, it is more challenging to grip and hold because of its thickness.

Confidence in technique with lighter weights translates to confidence with heavier weights.

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