Strong Woman Sunday 3/17/19

Now we’re 8 WEEKS from the May Flowers of Power competition, happening May 11th.

(at Forze Gym, organized by SDS Strong Woman).

Our competitors were deloading this week, which means we take one week of purposeful lower-intensity workouts to recover from the weeks leading up to this and to prepare for the next phase of strength training. Training gets progressively more intense as we get closer to competition. We had a great deload session followed by an introduction to rack pulls from 18” to prepare for the wagon wheel deadlift event, which will be for as many reps as possible in 60 seconds. Novice classes will lift 225lbs, and Open classes will lift 315lbs.





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Here’s what you’re seeing in the videos:

Jenna (@jennaferr1) pulls 245lbs. 

Amanda (@adamantamanda) pulls 255lbs.

Lisa (@outdoorlisa) pulls 175lbs.

Andrea (@dreadre32) pulls 225lbs.

Rack pulls (at 18” here) are technically easier than deadlifts from the floor (at 9” from the floor), though it can feel awkward and takes practice. As you may have noticed, there’s a distinct advantage for shorter athletes here because they have a much shorter distance to pull the bar.

This session was an intro to gauge where everyone is at. It was so fun to watch them lift heavy weight and be so pumped about it, and I’m so proud of them all! Over the coming weeks, we’ll focus on technique and slowly working up in weight.

Want to join the fun? Send me a message at Drop-ins are welcomed and encouraged! You just have to let me know ahead of time 🙂

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