Strong Woman Sunday 3/24/19

Rack Pull Sundays


Now we’re 7 WEEKS from the May Flowers of Power competition, happening May 11th.

The athletes are entering a power and strength development phase, where they’ll work on explosive moments and moving progressively heavier weights. We also continued to work on rack pulls from 18” and dumbbell clean and presses. We kept weights relatively lower today and worked in higher rep ranges to improve form.

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Here’s what you’re seeing in the videos:

Susan does rack pulls at 145lbs for reps.

Lisa pulls 205lbs, which is 30lbs heavier than she pulled last week! Notice how she get mentally prepared for this and commits to the pull.

Andrea pulls 205lbs for reps.

Crystal pulls 225lbs for reps.

Jenna presses 40lbs for reps. She totaled ten reps in about 30s.

Andrea presses the 40, and she ran 3 miles before this workout.

Lisa presses the 40 for multiple reps!

Crystal gets 15 reps on her right arm, then switched hands and got six more reps with her left. With the 40 pounder, all in 60s.

With only 7 weeks left until competition, we will spend more time on technique, lift heavier weights for lower reps, and pay close attention to how our bodies are feeling.

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