Strong Woman Sunday 6/23/19

Atlas Stone Sunday

It was a great day for atlas stone practice.

First we did a group workout that’s technically focused on neuromuscular patterning (which is just the fancy way of saying the workout is focused on honing excellent form so that in the coming months we get stronger in the correct patterns), and then we played with the atlas stones. While it sounds fancy, this workout is still appropriate for beginners. All of the group workouts we do are scaled to the level of ability of the individual. We strict pressed, we squatted, and we did either pull-ups OR bent over rows, as appropriate. The competition we’re training for, the Charm City Strong Woman Competition, has 5 events as follows:

Stone over bar for max reps

Husafel stone carry for distance

Power Stairs for max reps

Med Ball throw for height

Circus Dumbbell for max reps


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Then, we played with the atlas stones!

They’re fun and empowering, but there’s no joking about their difficulty. Here’s what you’ll see in the videos:

Lee Ann hoisting 99lbs over the bar. She got 115lbs after this. She later got 135lbs to her lap with an impressive effort, but not over the bar. This was her first session with us and her first time with the stones!!

Andrea got 99lbs over the bar, and she’s THRILLED about it. Let’s be honest; we were all thrilled as well. This was her first time with the stones, too!

Newcomer Carly got 99lbs over the bar. Watch how she refused to give up on that stone!! Incredible effort put into this. Her first time, as well!

Amanda put 135lbs over the bar for a new stone PR!! This was her first time doing the stone over bar event – she’s done stone to shoulder before. She did a great job of talking herself INTO this one!

Melissa shows us how it’s done with 115lbs over the bar. This was her previous max, and you can see how strongly she handles it now. She later put 135lbs over the bar for a new PR!

Somehow we don’t have any videos of Lisa doing the stone??? She killed it as well, I guess you’ll just have to take my word for it.

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