How to Get the Best Sleep

How to get the best sleep

Last week we talked about WHY sleep is important. This week we’re talking about what you can do to engineer better sleep.

You know how it feels to be well rested: you feel like you can take on the world. You can knock out your to-do list, exercise, read, care for your pet, and be emotionally available for your friends and loved ones.

On the flip side, when you’re (chronically) not well rested, you just feel like a waste. I know I do.

Choose to be a productive super hero. In addition to the tips in the infographic above, try these:

•Set a consistent wake-up and go to sleep time. This will help your body figure out WHEN to release sleep and wake hormones.

•Get in front of a light ASAP. Natural light is best, but a sun lamp is also great. It signals your melatonin production to “cut it out, please” so you can be more alert.

•Get moving. Do you ever hit snooze and somehow feel MORE tired?? Yeah, me too. Try putting your feet on the floor immediately.

•Alcohol and caffeine. Limit them, because they sure do disrupt your deep sleep.

•Exercise regularly, because this helps regulate your hormones. Try to avoid intense exercise at night because it COULD make it harder to sleep.

•Don’t eat or drink too much, because you could be uncomfortable AND have to wake up to use the bathroom.

•Environment matters. Create a peaceful sleep environment so your brain can chill out when it’s time for bed.

Which of these are you going to try first?

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